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Exclusive Buildings
Your Tax Collector can produce large amounts of studs. One is good -- but more is better!
10 Tax Collector
Studs (40000 studs / 8 hrs)
Produces a minimum of 5 1x1 Bricks form the colors below for crafting and trade. Upgrade for even more!
15 1x2 Brick Factory
Colored Bricks (5 1x1 bricks / 2 hrs)
This Lions' Den lets you summon a Lion Brawler adept at taking and dealing damage at close range.
6 Lions' Den
Lion Brawler
The Hunter Grounds lets you summon an Eagle Ranger Scout to your side for precise, long-range attacks.
9 Hunter Grounds
Eagle Ranger Scout
The Lion Barracks lets you summon a Lion Champion to your side. This ally is stunningly effective at close range.
10 Lion Barracks
Lion Champion
The Ranger Training Center lets you summon Eagle Snipers that can stun distant enemies!
11 Eagle Ranger Sniper
Eagle Sniper
The Bear Clinic lets you summon Bear Medics into battle to heal you and your friends!
13 Bear Clinic
Bear Medic

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About Membership benefits
LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online is free to play but becoming a member gives you access to
many added benefits


  • Default Outpost Size
    Every player gets default space for their Outpost in order to build – but only Members can expand their Outpost!
  • Default Inventory Space
    Players can carry loot that they find from weapons, armor, bricks, building instructions and consumables. Only members can access exclusive inventory space set aside just for them.
  • Access to Default Building Types
    Every commander has access to the basic buildings in the game! Buildings define a player’s character and play style from granting studs, to determining powers and allowing players to craft weapons and armor! Members get access to exclusive buildings.
  • Starting Gold Bricks
    Gold Bricks are used to speed up production and purchase premium items and buildings! Players get Gold Bricks just for signing up and members get additional allotments.
  • Default Trading Spot
    After building the Lion Market players can put items up for sale for other players. Players can start selling as soon as their building is completed! Members can access exclusive trading slots.
  • Exclusive Goals
    Members have access to additional mission goals and tasks. More missions means more adventures and more rewards!
  • Access to Additional Outpost Space
    A bigger Outpost means more buildings. More buildings means more powers, more studs, more crafting and more to do! Members can expand even deeper into the lands of CHIMA for the biggest and most ultimate Outpost!
  • Access to Additional Inventory Space
    Don’t leave treasure behind! Members can unlock additional space in their backpack which means more gear, more food, and more fun!
  • Exclusive Buildings
    Just like member-only items, we offer a series of buildings just for our members!
  • Exclusive Items
    Show off in style! Members get access to top of the line items that can only be obtained and used by members.
  • Access to Additional Trading Slots
    Make trading even easier – now you can post even more items up for trade in the marketplace, membership expands your trading slot availability!
  • Exclusive Minions
    Members get exclusive access to minions! Members can call on their minions while adventuring in the land of CHIMA for help or to heal them.
  • Bonus Gold Bricks
    Instantly gain access to additional Gold Bricks! Just by becoming a member, we give you some extra Gold Bricks to spend any way you see fit!